Luxury Holidays The Maldives

Often described as paradise on earth, the Maldives are a large group of 1192 tropical islands situated in the Indian Ocean. A stunningly beautiful destination with white sandy beaches and turquoise reefs teeming with thousands of species of coral and marine life. 

Only very few islands feature resort-style accommodation with the majority of the population living in Male. Many resorts and hotels offer high-end, luxury accommodation, some boasting overwater bungalows surrounded by pristine waters and reef. The beaches are picturesque and many resorts feature their own private beaches – the perfect location to sip cocktails and watch the sunset, creating an unforgettable holiday experience.

Rich with culture and tradition, music, dance and crafts provide strong influences on the island’s tourism. The Maldives offers countless natural and man-made attractions scattered across the islands, however, the main drawcard would have the be the ocean.

Offering world-class diving and snorkelling the tropical waters are teeming with turtles, manta rays, dolphins and many colourful fish. The Maldives are also home to the majestic whale sharks. For the more adventurous, take a tour to swim with these gentle giants or freedive your way down for a closer look. These oceans are laiden with shipwrecks and underwater caves and tunnels for keen divers to explore and multiple reef breaks and barrelling wavesthat have become popular with Surfers.  

If food is more your thing, the Maldives can take you on a gastronomical adventure of epic proportions. The cuisine is diverse and influenced by a mix of culture and traditions. Be sure to sample a “Keyn" a traditional/cultural food experience which gives you the opportunity to sample a little bit of everything that the Maldivian cuisine offers. 

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