Cape Evans

Scott’s 1911 Terra Nova Hut is the largest historic building in Antarctica.
Used in the 1910 to 1913 British Antarctic Expedition, it served as the
base for extensive scientific research and surveys as well as Scott’s
fatal journey to the South Pole. It was this expedition that gave rise to
some of the most inspirational and harrowing stories associated with
polar history. Ten men of Shackleton’s ill-fated Imperial Trans-Antarctic
Expeditions were marooned here in 1915 after their ship Aurora was
blown out to sea and unable to return. Two of Aurora’s anchors remain
to this day on the beach in front of the hut. Much of Scott’s equipment is
well preserved and entering the hut provides a window into the Heroic
age of Antarctic exploration. If time and weather permit, you will have
the opportunity to view the historic hut along with the resident wildlife.